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Vacancies to Live Here

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N.B. We have found that keeping a waiting list is not practicable, although we do keep a record of all applications and may contact people where appropriate. However if you do have an interest in joining us, we would advise that you keep an eye on our vacancies list.

We want positive can-do people to join our cohousing project.

We are a self-managing project, so we seek people who are happy to be part of the management.

We are also looking for people with the following skills:

Computing, finance, gardening, maintenance and administration skills. 

Would you like to come and contribute to our project?

Most of our members meditate regularly and aspire to mindfulness.

If you feel you would fit in then please contact us.

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Properties for Sale

If you are interested in either of the properties for sale, please contact us by email:





  • 1 two-bedroomed cottage for sale
  • 1 two/three-bedroomed cottage for sale

Please see our Vacancies page for more information.


For more information see our Events page


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